Tree Guards at Newton St. Loe

This week we have been completing tree guards at Bath Spa University for the Duchy of Cornwall. These guards are for the new avenues of important native trees to be planted soon. These trees will benefit the surrounding ecology of the existing farm land by producing a wildlife corridor, linking three hedges and allowing species of invertebrate’s, birds and small mammals to transit different ecosystems. Also the native species of trees will benefit the crops in the field by producing environments for beneficial insect species like coleoptera or ground beetles, and it will be good to come back after a few years to see the difference in the landscape the new trees are going to make.

We used a template to position the posts and a lot of measuring and setting out to ensure these straight lines. It was very important to us to make them perfect as a lot of people will view them over the years. Also we had to be considerate of existing power cables that branches might grow into and gas mains. The ground was almost all rock in places which slowed us down but our unimog which we use to drive in the posts managed fine!

New avenues of tree guards ready for planting
69 completed so far, only 220 more to go!