Our Fencing

…is tailored to your requirements.

We will always survey the land and property first in order to recommend the right type of fencing for your needs.

Fencewize will

  • Survey your property
  • Recommend appropriate fencing material
  • Install to an exceptionally high standard
  • Make your property secure and safe

Typical fencing can be:

Closeboard Fencing

Closeboard fencing is our most popular type of fence.  Vertical closeboard fencing uses feather-edged wooden boards which overlap to create a soild and durable fence.  Our closeboard is made with 100mm square posts set a minimum of 600mm into the ground with concrete.  All of our wood is pressure treated to ensure resistance to rotting.

Strong and durable solid fencing available at any height up to 2.4m. Available on wooden and concrete posts.

Along with closeboard, Panel is also incredibly popular. Available on wooden or slotted concrete posts and heights from 3ft to 6ft6”. all of our panels are heavy duty and pressure treated.

Picket fences are usually used for driveways and boundaries where the fence needs to blend in more than a soil fence. Our picket fencing can come with either pointed or rounded tops and at any height.

Hit and Miss
Hit and miss fencing is designed to let air pass through and still have the appearance of being a solid fence. it displays aesthetically pleasing three dimensional effect and can be made with wooden or concrete posts as required.

Mainly used for an aid for climbing plants, trellis can be used as a screen for privicy, a decorative fence and can be used to top fences to add height without seeming imposing. We make all our trellis to order so we can change the design to suit your needs. Our standard trellis has large square holes but we can also make diamond trellis and screen trellis.

Agricultural Field Fencing

Depending on location and usage, we will recommend various fencing types, such as:

Stock netting
Standard stock proof netting is the most popular choice we offer, ideal for sheep and cattle. It can come with barbed wire or plain wire on top and we use local suppliers for our timber. The wire we use is high tensile wire from Tornado.

Horse netting
To ensure horses hooves cannot get trapped in the fencing, we recommend horse netting for equine boundary fencing. The holes are smaller and the overall height is 1.2m, which is taller than our standard stock fence. This can be topped with plain wire or barbed.

Deer netting
Very tall netting to ensure safe enclosures for deer, or most of the time to keep deers out of an area such as gardens. the height of this fencing is 1.8m high..

Our typical stock fencing is High Tensile Tornado wire, strained off of 8-9 inch round posts which are usually used for hanging gates, but we use them for straining for increased strength and longer life.

Chicken wire

Used primarily for enclosing chickens, we install this fencing either with a top wooden rail or with high tensile line wires to ensure a tight mesh. this product and also be dug into the ground to keep out rabbits

Post and Rail

Our post and rail comes in many designs using either square posts and rails or round posts and half round rails. The half round rails are more rustic and more used in agricultural situations but can be used anywhere to give a rustic charm to the fence. We usually install posts and two rails but also offer 4 or 5 rails depending on requirements.


Popular security fencing for mainly industial use. can be installed on concrete or metal posts, or wooden if required. Chainlink can come in almost any size and can be topped with barbed wire if desired. We use high tensile line wires so the wire can be really tight and harder to climb.

Steel palisade

Steel palisade has been designed to be unclimbable and thieft proof. The pails are smooth and all the fixings are on sheer nuts which cannot be undone. All metal is hot dipped galvanised to withstand rust.

Metal Bow top

Metal bow top is used for mainly decorative fencing round play areas and gardens. there are many styles available and can even go over slopes using Tango Rail bow top fencing products.