Tips to maintain your fences

To get the most out of your fences and to get them to last longer, just follow these simple guidelines:

When Buying

Insist all ground contact timber is pressure treated to UC4 and only use redwoods. It will last at least 15 years
White woods and UC3(above ground specification) will rot out in under ten years. Saving a few pounds at the beginning can be very costly in the long run.

After Installation

Within the first two years a coat of preservative should be thoroughly applied to the fence and posts (if timber) making sure all the timber in contact with the ground gets a good soaking. There are many preservatives on the market the most famous being good old fashioned ‘Croesote’ This has been replaced with ‘Creocote’ for the non-trade market, as they deem Creosote to be dangerous for ‘mere mortals’ to use. Treatments are water based and in my opinion they are nowhere near as good as spirit based preservatives. Many colours are available and we stock them here at our shop in Gillingham, we also stock water based ‘solid’ colours, but we recommend you treat with a clear spirit based preservative first . We can also quote you to apply it you don’t have free time.

The above should be done at least every five years to keep the fence in tip top condition – this will double the life of the fence whilst keeping it looking fresh and to a colour of your liking.